Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Smoothie - 6 points

Hamburger - 15 points (ouch). If only they would have made it the way I ordered it, and if only I would have checked the order over before I pulled out of the drive-thru, I'll know better for next time.

Chocolate pudding - 2 points

noodles - 7 points
chocolate bar - 6 points. ( if I'm gonna be bad, I'm gonna be real bad, LOL)

Total - 36 points. So ten flex points used.

Monday, January 08, 2007

I survived the weekend, yay!

I didn't blog yesterday as I didn't have much to put down, lol.

I had some grilled chicken, salad, and baked potato for supper: 7 points
some popcorn in the afternoon: 3 points
a handful of chips: 3 points
and a chocolate bar: 6 points.

I also had a couple of Diet Pepsi's: free

so point total for Sunday was: 19 points

So far today (monday) I've had:

smoothie: 4 points

BLT chicken salad, no croutons, no dressing: 7 points.
pringles: 2 points

Noodles: 7 points
salad: free
smarties: 6 points

Total: 26 points

Two more days left in this WW week

USA here-
I start floor hockey tonight. I should earn at least four activity points. It doesn't get out until 8 so I'll have to eat a late dinner. So I'll have a bigger lunch for energy and so I won't be stressed to finish all my points tonight.

1 ww muffin: 2 points
coffee with milk: 1 point
Total: 3 points

Snack: 1 banana: 2 points
Total: 5 points

Lunch: Chicken breast over wheat pasta: 7 points
I hope to get a salad with fat free dressing: 2 points
Total: 14 points

Snack: ff yogurt: 2 points
Total points: 16

Snack before practice: orange
Total points: 18

Worked out for an hour at practice, sweating my butt off. I'm so sore.
Earned at least four AP points
Total: 20 points

I had a light beer after practice for two points
Total: 18

Glass of wine: 2 points
Calzone: 16 points
Total: zero

Then I had a calzone:

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Journaling on a Sunday...

USA here. Yup, I'm blogging/journaling on a Sunday. I have to or I'll cheat.

So here's today so far...
Coffee with skim milk: 1 points
Whole wheat toast and crunchy peanut butter: 5 points
Total: 6 points

I have got to get some water in today. Maybe some diet tonic will do it.

Ok, here's more of my day:

1 cup pasta, sauce and cheese: 6 points
glass of water
Total points: 12

Made some muffins with pumpkin and had one: 2 points
Had a Sam Light, too: 2 points
Total points: 14 points

Snack: Had another ww muffin: 2 points
Total points: 16 points

Chicken breast with veggies over wheat pasta: 9 points
Total points: 25 points

Snack: Chips and salsa: 2 points
Total: 27 points

Had a gin and tonic before bed. Used my last point plus 2 flex.
Total points: 28

Flex points left: 26

Tag, you're it Canada!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

A Sinful Saturday

I never finished adding my food choices and points in yesterdays points so I'll just recap here. I was well within my range I think I ended the day having used 24 points.

Now for today, today I have been BAD, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad. I'm still within my points range at this point but I've wasted so many of them.

It's not my fault, it's the peppermint patties - I think that they've hypnotized me somehow, lol. So I've had my husband take them and hide them somewhere ( he's good at hiding things where I can't find them so I should be safe here)

Here's what my day has been like so far:

1/2 sandwich made with fat free deli meat and healthy bread: 2 points
Dill pickle: 0 points
Glass of orange juice: 3 points
peppermint patties 10 points (uggh)
Total: 15 points

Supper will be:
Oven baked salmon: 4 points
oven baked fries : 5 points
all veggie salad with no dressing: 0 points

So that would bring me to 25 points. I plan on having some air popped popcorn and a diet pop for a snack tonight if I get hungry so I may have to use just a couple of flex points.

Thank goodness for flex points.

USA, great news about the workout plans!! I have to start but need to get over this awful, funky chest cold first.

- Canada

The weekend's here.. the big challenge

The weekends have always been a challenge in terms of journaling for me. Today has already been a nightmare in terms of eating, but here goes nothing.

Breakfast: 1/2 bagel and PB: 4 points
Bottle of water
Total: 4 points

Chicken Cobb Salad: 15 points
gin and tonic: 3 points
Total: 22 points

I have got to get rid of the chocolate in my house! I had two pieces of stout truffles: 2 points
Total: 24 points.

I now have 4 points left for dinner. But I'm still kind of full from lunch, so I'll just have popcorn at the movies. And there are always those 29 flex points. I better have a glass of water.

A friend of mine asked her to join an exercise class on Tuesday with her. So with that and my hockey on Mondays, there are two days of working out down! If I can get two more days in the gym, I'll be good to go!

Oh CANADA?? How are you doing this weekend???

Update: Had movie popcorn for dinner: 4 points
Total: 28

Then I used 10 flex points to indulge. So that means I have 18 left until Wed. I can do it.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Day three in the USA

I still have all my flex points and tact but no activity points to speak of. Sigh... anyway, here's today so far:

English muffin with jelly: 4 points
coffee with skim: 1 point
glass of water
Total: 5 points

100-calorie oreos: 2 points
Total: 7 points

4 pieces of sushi: 2 points
1/2 cup of white rice and veggies: 3 points
3 small boiled dumplings: 2 points
Mushroom soup: 1 point
salad: zero points
Total: 15 points

I avoided the cinnamon dolche latter and got a berry blossom white tea, no milk, two splendas: zero points (and it's decaf so it's part of my water!)

I now have 13 points left.... not bad

Cup of chowder: 5 points
Pulled Pork Sandwich and greenbeans: 8 points
Total: 28 points

I had all of my flex points so I had two gin and tonics for 3 points each. Total flex points left: 29

Peppermint patties are not your friend!

First off I want to say hope the weigh in went well Lisa!! And two miles on the eliptical, wow am I impressed.

USA, way to go with the water, you're making me look bad girl, lol. I'm proud of you, I know water isn't your thing either. Just wait till you get the tea you can use that towards your water intake too!

I finished off yesterday having used 4 of my flex points - york peppermint patties were my downfall, sigh. I had six of them, why oh why could I have not stopped at one, lol? But I did get in some exercise last night, my hubby and I walked to the grocery store, I needed to go anyway and it was a nice night so he and the dogs came along. Poor Oscar was so upset when he realized he had to wait OUTSIDE with Daddy, he really thought he should be allowed in too. So I'm thinking I probably earned at least one activity point, but I didn't count it if I did, LOL.

So far today, I've only had a smoothie which is four points. Will update on the rest of my day tonight!

- Canada

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Another day, another day of journaling

USA here. So this is officially day two for me. Today wasn't too bad. This is what I had:

Oatmeal with jelly: 4 points
Coffee: zero points
Glass of water before leaving the house
Total: 4 points

100-calories Cheezits with a few regular ones (gave blood and needed to eat a few to be let out of the cantina): 4 points
Bottle of water
Total: 8 points

Chicken breast and 1/2 cup rice: 6 points
Nonfat yogurt: 2 points
Total: 10 points

100-calorie chips a-hoy!: 2 points
Total: 12 points

I slipped and had a piece of chocolate: 4 points
But then I had another bottle of water (Yes, I was peeing all day!)
Total 16 points

Snack at mom's: apple from the fruit basket her coworkers got her: 1 point
Total: 17 points

English Muffin Pizza with part-skim motzerlla cheese: 5 points
Chips and salsa: 3 points
Light Sam Adams: 2 points

Total: 28 points

Day 3 for Me

I know I've said this before, but I'm saying it again. I HATE water, I never drink it..ever. So today, I have not yet had a glass of it. I'm such a failure, LOL. I have had Diet Pepsi - see I'm making sacrifices lol it's not regular pepsi which I would much rather have. I know that people say add a lemon to it, add orange to it, drink it ice cold, drink it warm, it's still water to me. That being said, yesterday I had two bottles of water with Crystal Light packets in them. That's as close as I'm getting to water this week. Next week I'll try drinking the bottled water WITHOUT the Crystal Light.

My day has been shaping up well as far as eating goes, here's the breakdown so far

Smoothie - 4 points

Sandwich - 3 points
pringles snack pack - 2 points
pineapple - 1 point
dill pickles - 0 point

Total points used so far today - 10

And tonight I'm going to either go out for a walk or walk on the treadmill.

- Canada

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I survived Day One and Day 2 so far so good

You're doing great USA. Way to go with the water.....water BLECH!!

Well my exercise last night consisted of computer surfing does that count? somehow I didn't think so. But I stayed within my points so no worries.

Today so far I've had:
a fat free chocolate pudding cup - 2 points
mandarin oranges -2 points
Bottled water with a nestea single in it - 0 points
Total: 4 points.

It's lunch out with Marsha day and I'm planning on having a salad of some sort and I'll likely have a sandwich made with fat free deli meat for dinner, will update with points for lunch and supper later.

- Canada

Okay, so lunch was a grilled chicken breast, salad, a couple of fried potato pieces - kinda like potato skins without all the "stuff'. So I figure 10 points should do it

And for dinner:
chicken noodle soup 4 points
sandwich: 3 points
dill pickles and carrots free

Snacks during the day
apple 1 point
licorice 4 points
26 points and that's what I'm allowed.

Lol, guess no snacking for me tonight

Tomorrow is here!

USA here. I climbed back on the perverbial wagon. So far so good:
Full glass of water and vitamen before leaving the house: zero points
Coffee: zero points
cup of oatmeal with tsp of Saskatoon jelly : 4 points
Total: 4 points

100-caolories chips ahoy cookies: 2 points
Full glass of water
Total: 6 points

Veggie burger on a light English Muffin: 2 points
Tomato soup: 2 points
Full glass of Crystal Light
Total: 8 points

Afternoon snack:
Nonfat Yogurt: 2 points
More water
Total: 10 points

Chicken lemon picatta with rice and carrots: 10 points
Sam Light Beer: 2 points
Total: 22 points

13 corn chips and salsa: 3 points
100-calorie oreos with cool whip: 3 points
Total Points: 28

How are you doing Canada?